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Debt Recovery

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  • Deep understanding of the debt collection and litigation process
  • Strong commercial focus
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Expert advice to minimise future debt

Debt Recovery Lawyers in Perth, Joondalup, Albany, Bunbury and Mandurah

How Debt Recovery Lawyers Can Help You

Almost every business and enterprise will have to deal with late payments from customers or clients for goods and services supplied. Most of the time, enforcing the debt is a straightforward process but in some instances, legal representation is required to send debtors a clear message and/or commence litigation.

Legal expertise and experience is key to managing this debt recovery process. Our lawyers understand that businesses may be hurting from the loss of cash flow and aim to provide an efficient and cost-effective service that will save you time and money in recovering money you are rightfully owed.

Debt Recovery Approach

Our Approach As Debt Recovery Lawyers

Our lawyers understand that the litigation should be viewed as a last resort and will always urgently pursue a settlement with a debtor to recover your legal costs. However, in the case that the debt recovery process proceeds to the litigation stage, you will benefit from already having experienced lawyers on board who can place you in the best position to succeed.

Why engage a Debt Recover Lawyer?

Debt Recovery Lawyers vs Debt Collection Agencies

Our debt recovery lawyers are skilled and experienced practitioners, in all aspects of debt recovery. Unlike debt collection agencies, litigation agencies have a wealth of hands-on experience in negotiating. The person making the call on your behalf in many debt collection agencies has been making call after call, and they do not typically have a legal degree. They operate more like a call centre. This is where we have a much more effective, tailored strategy in recovering money for our clients from their creditors.

The legal process, with each stage carefully considered, will almost always get you to the top of the get to the pile of the debtor’s priorities much faster. We can tailor letters of demand, contact and negotiate with the debtor and finalise the debt carefully and cost-effectively. As debt ages, recouping the debt or defending the claim becomes increasingly difficult. It is important to act quickly and obtain professional support from the very beginning of the debt recovery process.

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