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  • Are you looking for a Will and Estates lawyer or estate planner in Perth or other parts of WA?
  • Do you know there are different types of wills? (eg complex, simple and mutual Wills?)
  • How long ago did you prepare your Will? If it is more than 3 years, it may not reflect your current wishes?
  • If your affairs are complex or you have considerable assets, have you considered seeing a legal expert about detailed estate planning?

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How our experienced team of Will and Estates Lawyers can help

HHG Legal Group has one of the largest and most highly regarded Wills Lawyers in Perth & WA. Since our inception, our Will and Estates Lawyers have strived to provide proactive legal advice that is current, relevant and beneficial to all of our clients.

Perth’s Wills Lawyers, Estate and Asset Protection Lawyers can advise you in the preparation of all types of Wills and offer a complete estate planning service, including Enduring Power of Attorney, and Enduring Power of Guardianship, and Advanced Health Directives.

Our Estates teams also provides services for the administration of deceased estates, including

  • applications for Grant of Probate (where there is a valid Will) or Letters of Administration (where there is no valid Will);
  • the calling in and distribution of the estate assets to the intended Beneficiaries (a person who inherits under a valid Will); and
  • executor services (probate) and administration of intestate estates (where there is no valid Will).

As Wills and Estate Lawyers in Perth, we work closely with you to address any concerns you may have, providing you with the right legal advice. Perth’s Wills and Estates Lawyers can assist with

  • the preparation of your Will;
  • assist you with the administration of a deceased estate; or
  • help with Family Provision Claims (a claim against regarding a Will).

Our team has been recognised by Doyles Guide in their 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 Leading Wills, Estates and Succession Planning Lawyers and Firms lists.

Why choose WA’s Wills & Estate Lawyers 

For over 100 years HHG Legal Group has been proudly serving Western Australian families, business and individuals. Never before has the State seen such a crippling time for both industries and individuals and we are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate.

If you require advice relating to your Will or estate in these time of COVID-19,  we are offering unprecedented initial consultation fees to assist in these challenging times.

Why you should trust our Will and Estates Lawyers

Our team of Wills and Estate Lawyers in HHG Legal Group includes Western Australia’s most highly regarded lawyers who can also advise you about all aspects of Wills, estate and succession planning, inheritance issues and deceased estate claims. As Perth’s Wills and Estate Lawyers and across WA, we will ensure your Will is structured in the most effective way, taking into account your wishes and the needs of your beneficiaries. At HHG Legal Group, we understand the importance of obtaining a Will that is tailored to your specific needs.

An up-to-date Will is not a luxury, it is an absolute necessity.

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Are there any Will Lawyers near me?

Speak to our experienced team of  Wills and Estate Lawyers and asset protection lawyers in PerthJoondalupMandurahBunbury or Albany, contact HHG Legal Group today.

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Lisa Riley, I would like to thank you for all your help and support through this difficult and disappointing period in my life.

Your professionalism and supportive nature have been a welcome change and Alison and I are very appreciative of this, HHG is very lucky to have someone of your expertise and dedication working for them and we both can’t speak highly enough of you, I will be forever grateful to you and your company for all your help and kindness, I would highly recommend you and HHG to everyone who needs competent and professional legal representation.

Once again thank you so much.


Dear Lisa,

Just a small note of gratitude for the phone call you gave me last Tuesday (11 July), in response to my legal query. I really appreciated the kindness you showed in reassuring me of my rights in our phone call, amongst other priorities. I am very appreciative of your time.


Thanks so much, Lisa. Very happy! Your team is very professional.


We have been working with Kim and HHG Legal, Bunbury on several matters. Kim is professional, approachable and knowledgeable; prompt to respond to a query with detailed information that is not only relevant to the matter in question, but also reassuring which instils confidence for us to continue working with Kim and HHG Legal, Bunbury.


The process of working through the settlement of our father’s estate presented us with a potentially challenging and complex undertaking. We would like to thank Simon, Alyce, and the team at HHG for taking on this work in such a thorough, thoughtful, and professional manner. Our family is very grateful for the help and advice that they have provided, and we highly recommend their services to anyone who needs the professional support that HHG provides.


Thank you for everything. You have made the whole process very easy and virtually stress-free. I can’t thank you all enough for all that you have done and I’m very grateful for the manner in which you have gone about your Profession.



What is the difference between an Estate Lawyer and a Probate Lawyer?

An Estate Lawyer provides advice regarding an estate while a person is still alive. This could be advice regarding the creation of a family trust, drafting of a Will, or other means of asset protection or estate planning.

A Probate Lawyer provides advice to the Executor (or Administrator) of an estate after a person has passed away (a Deceased Estate). This could include making an application to the Supreme Court of WA for a Grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration), or the subsequent administration and distribution of the Deceased Estate.

It is not unusual, if not preferrable, for the Estate Lawyer who drafted a Will to also act as the Probate Lawyer assisting the appointed Executor with the administration of the Deceased Estate as they would already have familiarity of the estate and possibly also the deceased’s family.

Should I hire a Wills and Estate Lawyer to write my Will when I can do a Will myself from the post office?

Drafting a Will without legal advice, regardless of where you obtained the Will Kit from, has the following risks:

  • The Will may be invalid for not meeting formal requirements. A Will must be drafted and executed in very specific ways, otherwise it may not be recognised when making an application for Grant of Probate;
  • The Will being revoked without the will-maker knowing. Unintentionally revoking a Will is something that can be avoided or managed through proper drafting;
  • The Will being contested (a Family Provision Claim). A disgruntled family member may seek to challenge a Will if they think they are being left out of a Will or do not receive the same share as the other Beneficiaries. Again, proper drafting can help manage this risk;
  • Certain assets not forming part of the Deceased Estate and thereby not passing as intended under the Will. Jointly held assets (and sometimes superannuation) do not necessarily form part of an estate when a person passes away.

There is no substitute for professional advice to address and manage the above risks.


If my Executor manages my estate after my passing, who manages my affairs when I am still alive but am unable to do so myself?

An Enduring Power of Guardianship and Enduring Power of Attorney allow a person to nominate who will manage your affairs, including your estate, while you are still alive but  have lost  the capacity to manage those affairs yourself. Without such documents, a person who loses capacity will have no say over who is appointed to manage their finances or make lifestyle decisions on their behalf. There will also be a time delay as an appropriate person makes an application to the State Administrative Tribunal.