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HHG Legal Group, WA’s premier medium sized law firm, is yet again a top 10 performer in the leading national ‘Top 50 Law Firms’ rankings.




Now in its fourth year, hundreds of Australian law firms participated in this year’s competition, which is open to any law firm, no matter what size, location in Australia or specialisation. Members of the Australian public are then asked to vote for the best law firm on




The competition has considerably grown since it’s inception to include almost all law firms from around the country – small, medium and large – providing some very tough competition. HHG is the highest ranked WA law firm on the list and the only WA law firm to appear in the top 10.




When asked how HHG keeps on winning awards and performing at such a high level, Simon Creek, Managing Director of HHG simply said “Unparalleled service levels and value for money for individual clients and the SME sector. We are the only law firm in Australia to offer a money back, client satisfaction guarantee. Such guarantees are not new, but for lawyers, they are”.




The firm is also heavily involved in charitable work for, launching its own charitable structure, HHG Giving Back, in 2015. This month, due to unprecedented demand for legal aid help with domestic violence cases, HHG Giving Back set up a dedicated email hotline for anyone fearing any form of abuse, including elder abuse.





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HHG Legal Group


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