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In light of the forthcoming amendments to family law legislation, it’s imperative for family lawyers to stay abreast of these changes to continue providing exemplary service to their clients.

The proposed Bill aims to overhaul various facets of the family law system, including but not limited to, streamlining the legislative framework for parenting orders, repealing the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility, and introducing nuanced changes to the enforcement of such orders.

Furthermore, the Bill extends its definitions to be more culturally inclusive, notably of First Nations peoples. It also mandates more direct involvement of Independent Children’s Lawyers, especially in international child abduction cases under the Hague Convention.

The Bill introduces ‘harmful proceedings orders’ to regulate vexatious litigants and refines the case management protocols. Finally, it brings about clear restrictions on the public communication of family law proceedings.

Listen to Executive Chairman of HHG Legal Group, Simon Creek, discuss various aspects including the proposed repeal of presumption of equal shared parental responsibility.

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