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Managing Director and Special Counsel, Simon Creek, joins Channel 9’s Tracey Vo to discuss a California couple being awarded almost three billion dollars after a jury agreed the roundup weed killer they had used for more than 30 years caused their cancer. Watch the clip below for more on what Simon Creek had to say.

Tracey Vo [00:00:00] A California couple has been awarded almost three billion dollars after a jury agreed the roundup weed killer they had used for more than 30 years caused their cancer. There are reports thousands more cases are now set to be launched against the chemical giant. Let’s bring in Simon Craig from HHG Legal Group. Good afternoon to you Simon. Why is this case so significant.

Simon Creek [00:00:21] Significant because the amount of evidence that’s allowed or has been allowed to be introduced to this particular case hasn’t been allowed before and it totally changes probably the world’s outlook on Roundup. One of the most common garden chemicals that we’ve probably all used.

Tracey Vo [00:00:39] What does what does this mean for people here in Australia.

Simon Creek [00:00:42] It means I’d stop using Roundup. It really does. Now of course you really careful what I say. But at the end of the day this case backs any decision to stop using Roundup. And it shows that these large chemical manufacturers cannot conceal from the general public all of the evidence reporting and scientific test results that we should all see whenever we decide to use a chemical.

Tracey Vo [00:01:05] All right  have we seen any situations here in W.A. where someone has been awarded such a significant amount or payout.

Simon Creek [00:01:12] No but this is still new in the US. This is literally a groundbreaking decision and it does open the door in Australia for lawyers to be talking to clients about whether or not roundup played a role in their particular medical situation. More importantly than that though I think it’s a big warning to us all as to whether or not we treat this particular garden talk excuse the phrase chemical as something that we can continue to use.

Tracey Vo [00:01:41] Will the cases arise in the future in Australia? It sounds like they will. We’ve mentioned already thousands more potential cases coming out from this particular outcome with this couple so I mean it’s obviously a very lengthy kind of situation and case to deal with. So where to from here? I mean for the for the company but also people who might consider taking this sort of action.

Simon Creek [00:02:01] Yeah well the company’s already taken a massive hit to its share price. And I’d say putting that aside it’s not just the manufacturer that needs to be worried. It’s anybody who is promoting the use of roundup. And I would say farmers agronomists the DIY gardening company everybody needs to be careful now. We’ve all been given a heads up. Is this safe to use or is it not.

Tracey Vo [00:02:26] Three billion dollars is a huge payouts. We’ll see how it all plays out in the future for that particular company. All right Simon Creek thank you very much for your time.

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