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Managing Director and Special Counsel, Simon Creek, joins Channel 9’s Tracey Vo to discuss the latest that is happening with this class action.  Watch the clip below for more on what Simon Creek had to say.

Tracey Vo [00:00:00] Stone workers exposed to a potentially fatal lung disease from cutting kitchen bench tops and joining a major class action which was launched today. Let’s bring in lawyer Simon Creek from HHG Legal Group. Hi Simon. Hello. Do you think this could be as big as the asbestos issue?

Simon Creek [00:00:16] Look I hope all lawyers are wrong on this one. I think the whole country is going to be holding their breath crossing their fingers and hoping that this is not the new asbestos but it’s too early to tell. And until further medical and legal evidence is at hand we’re going to have some trouble for seeing the future. What I can say is that you don’t kick off a class action without being fairly confident that there’s some serious trouble at large.

Tracey Vo [00:00:43] Yes sure. What is the product liability issue that arises here?

Simon Creek [00:00:47] I think this is going to be the toughest issue to get up on because we all know large manufacturers they’re very very good at hiding any liability that might be sitting with them now or that they found or discovered during the production process. But at the end of the day if at any time they can be found or sat on research or evidence that they should have revealed then that is a product liability crisis for them.

Tracey Vo [00:01:13] Absolutely. Can you talk us through about the occupational health and safety issues as well?

Simon Creek [00:01:18] And I think there’s a great link here to the the overall liability issue. But here we’re talking about employees we’re talking about purchasers of the product what warnings were they given by the manufacturers. Did they have any heads up at all that when they started to use the product in their own businesses it may harm their employees in the way that it has?

Tracey Vo [00:01:40] There’s certainly a big and interesting story. Simon, what do you think is going to happen next?

Simon Creek [00:01:44] It again I hate saying this but it really is too early to tell. Sure. But so far we are talking about people who have died. We know that we are talking about a lot of people who have lodged claims and that never bodes well for the future of a case like this.

Tracey Vo [00:01:59] And I suspect it will take some time as well for the case to go through the courts. It will indeed be lots of evidence to go through. All right Simon Creek thanks so much for your time this afternoon.

Simon Creek [00:02:08] My pleasure.

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