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After 100 years of servicing the Great Southern, Perth and most recently Mandurah, we are very pleased to announce our ability to assist businesses, individuals and governments in the vibrant and ever-growing northern corridor.

“Murray and I are very proud of our firm. From Hudson Henning Goodman’s humble beginnings back in 1919 in Albany and our expansion into Perth and Mandurah over the last 15 years, we have been focused on being able to offer our full range of legal services, easily accessible to Greater Perth, Peel and Great Southern communities” said HHG Director Simon Creek. “We understand that the northern corridor’s small business owners and individuals can’t always afford time out of their busy day to visit the city for their business and personal legal advice, so we look forward to now being able to service them closer to their homes or workplaces.”

Please direct all media enquiries to or call (08) 9322 1966

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