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In 2019, HHG Legal Group is celebrating 100 years of legal practice in Western Australia – and that’s a pretty amazing achievement. It’s a special year for us – for a century we’ve been dedicated not only to our business, but also to the WA community — and we’re proud of it.

Over the years, we’ve developed a long-standing commitment to helping our clients, a strong charitable arm and an ambitious community focus. As a firm we have connected with communities, understood their challenges, assisted with complex and simple legal issues and fought to help people and businesses out of problems that they would otherwise not have been able to navigate alone.

Thinking back, HHG Legal Group (formerly Hudson Henning and Goodman) has grown immensely – from a small firm with an iconic footprint in the Albany community, to three locations across WA including headquarters in Perth. We have our teams from past and present to thank for all of this. Without them a lot of the hard work, dedication and goals kicked wouldn’t have been possible. We are forever grateful for the input of our predecessors.

Today, HHG Legal Group has transformed into a state-wide, multi-award winning law firm with 65 staff . We are backed by industry acclaimed lawyers who provide legal advice and representation in many areas of law. Our team has grown from a few in Albany to a spread across three offices in PerthMandurah and Albany.

We are looking forward to celebrating the firm’s 100th birthday this year, with lots of exciting events and plans already in place. It’s going to be jam-packed, but we are ready to make this year the best yet, not just for us, but for you – our valued clients.

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