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In November 2020, HHG Legal Group launched our Artists in Residence program as a response to the devastating effect of COVID on the global arts industry. Always drawn to the creativity and talent of Western Australian artists, HHG Director’s, Simon Creek and Murray Thornhill, made a commitment to WA’s artistic talent to assist them to emerge from the economic difficulties faced in 2020.

Last Thursday, 18 March 2021, we held our inaugural exhibition’s cocktail function, celebrating the works of emerging local artist, Mark Platt. Over 50 VIPs attended to celebrate his exhibition, which comprises of  both acrylic and digital pieces; a delightful visual experience which stirs emotions. The contrasting lines give a sense of structure and movement to all his illustrations, combining a warm autumn colour palette and evoking depth and intense contrast.

Simon Creek, HHG’s Executive Chairman and creator of the Artists in Residence program, said “I have wanted to run an ‘art trail’ through HHG offices for years. The idea of encouraging and profiling WA artists with a Residence program, at the same time as providing staff and clients with access to wonderful creations, has in my mind long been a ‘win win’ scenario….especially considering the year Artists have endured.” He continued by pledging, “We hope to expand the program regionally, aiming to do the same in Albany, BunburyMandurah and Joondalup shortly, so stay tuned.”

Fellow HHG Director, Murray Thornhill, went on to say “Mark Platt’s art has brought colour, life, energy and style to what is otherwise…just another legal office. Over the last few months, the exhibition has become a great conversation starter with clients, suppliers and referrers when they visit the Perth office, and they have been amazed at the affordability of his collection. He has also  been wonderfully generous by donating some of the proceeds of sales to charity.”

Mark Platt’s exhibition will conclude on Sunday, 28 March 2021 but private viewing can still be arranged by calling HHG Legal Group’s Perth office.

If you would like to find out more about HHG’s Artist in Residence Program, or you want to apply to become a Resident please click here.


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