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James Gatti | Lawyer | Criminal Law

James spent several years under one of Perth’s most respected criminal defence lawyers and developed a deep and lasting passion for defence. James has experience in plaintiff insurance litigation, representing claimants against insurance companies. Through his varied experiences, James has shown a real enthusiasm for advocating for the underdog.

As well as working within the HHG Legal Group, James is an academic tutor at Murdoch University and has tutored a range of subjects including contract law, criminal law and evidence. James currently teaches Murdoch’s prelaw program.

James has appeared before courts ranging from the Magistrates’ Court to the Supreme Court in Western Australia as well as appearing in courts throughout Queensland.

James grew up in WA and came to the law late in life after doing a mechanical trade, working in finance, medical devices and production, James brings a wealth of real-world experience to his role and is able to relate to accused clients from all walks of life.


  • Law society of Western Australia
  • Criminal Lawyers Association of Western Australia
  • Sitting member of the Law society of Western Australia Costs Committee