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Simon Creek

Leadership Group | Executive Chairman & Nationally Accredited Mediator | Family Law | Agribusiness

Murray Thornhill

Dispute Resolution | Commercial & Property | Managing Director & Notary Public

Merrill MacNish, COO HHG Legal Group

Merrill MacNish

Operations | Chief Operating Officer

Darren McKeown, Finance Manager, HHG Legal Group

Darren McKeown

Operations | Finance Manager

Dr Steve Cohen

Family & De Facto | Managing Associate

Cheryl Edwardes

Hon. Cheryl Edwardes AM

HHG Giving Back | Honorary Special Counsel

Ben Majoe

Family & De Facto | Special Counsel

Lucy Ferreira

Wills, Estates & Succession Planning | Special Counsel

Lisa Riley

Crime & Traffic | Associate

Dianne Caruso

Family & De Facto | Senior Associate | Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Patrick Beilby

Dispute Resolution | Senior Associate

Erin Papalia

Family & De Facto | Associate

Arfa Shoukat

Wills, Estates & Succession Planning | Commercial & Property | Associate

Aaron Potts

Dispute Resolution | Crime & Traffic | Senior Associate 

Alexandra Turner

Dispute Resolution | Senior Associate

Emma Cohen, HHG Legal Group

Emma Cohen

Commercial Litigation | Associate

Amy Dunlop, HHG Legal Group

Amy Dunlop

Wills, Estates & Succession Planning | Associate

Richard Dewar Associate HHG Legal Group

Richard Dewar

Commercial Litigation and Property | Agribusiness | Associate 

Rachel McRae

Family & De Facto | Associate

Maria Zappala

Wills, Estates & Succession Planning | Commercial & Property | Lawyer

Abbey Morris

Family & De Facto | Lawyer

Hana Donachie, Lawyer, HHG Legal Group

Hana Donachie

Family & De Facto | Lawyer | Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Chenel Rautenbach

Commercial & Property | Employment Law | Lawyer

Adam Hughes

Dispute Resolution | Law Graduate

Brittany McKern

Wills, Estates & Succession Planning | Paralegal

Heather Awcock

Operations | Senior Marketing Manager

Sinead Williams

Operations | Marketing Manager

Chris McAlinden

Operations | People & Culture Manager

Tessa Meier, HHG Legal Group

Tessa Meier

Operations | Legal Operations Manager

Alyce Martin

Alyce Martin

Operations | Special Counsel | Client Services & Innovation Manager

Ayden Dagleish, HHG Legal Group

Ayden Dalgleish

Operations | Accounts Receivable

Emma Troughton

Legal Support | Executive Assistant to Simon Creek

Tracey Oddy

Legal Support | Executive Assistant to Murray Thornhill and Legal Assistant

Ida Dasan

Wills, Estates & Succession Planning | Senior Legal Assistant

Susan Yates, Legal Support, HHG Legal Group

Susan Yates

Family & De Facto | Legal Assistant

Meryl Jones

Commercial Litigation and Crime & Traffic | Legal Assistant

Alet Swarts

Family Law | Legal Assistant

Lauren Ryan

Commercial Litigation | Legal Assistant 

Veronica Perez

Family Law | Legal Assistant

Shannon Sekeres

Junior Legal Assistant | Wills, Estates & Succession Planning

Daniella Brutti

Operations | Perth Receptionist