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Updated daily, HHG Legal Group Director, Murray Thornhill provides a weekly snapshot of new and upcoming legislation.

HHG Legal Group’s weekly legislation update aims to provide information on new and upcoming legislation (and/or bills) as they pass, primarily focused on legislation arising as a counter-measure to COVID-19.

Important amendments to the Stata Titles Act 1985 (WA) 

On 1 May 2020 a series of major reforms to the Strata Titles Act 1985 (WA) came into force providing for buyers to be better informed, improving strata management and providing for a more efficient dispute resolution process through the State Administrative Tribunal.

Before the reforms came into force, the Act only required sellers to provide a limited amount of information about the strata scheme or lot. Certain information need only be provided under certain circumstances, leaving buyers with limited information about the strata scheme they are buying into. The seller’s disclosure obligation was generally satisfied by ticking all the boxes in the old Form 28 Disclosure Statement.

However, amendments to the Act now require sellers to provide substantially more general information about the strata titles scheme and specific information about the lot that is the subject of the sale. The additional disclosures include providing:

  1. a reasonable estimate of contributions likely to be payable by the purchaser for the 12 months following settlement;
  2. the most recent statement of accounts or reasons why the statement could not be obtained;
  3. details of any debt owed to the strata company;
  4. minutes of the most recent Annual General Meeting and any subsequent Extraordinary General Meeting or reasons why the minutes could not be provided;
  5. full set of the scheme by-laws; and
  6. notice of any current termination proposal for the strata titles scheme.


Mandatory Hygiene Training Program for WA Hospitality Industry

On 29 April 2020, the WA Government announced the launch of a mandatory COVID-19 hygiene training program to protect the public and venue staff interacting with the hospitality industry. Developed from the  State and Federal health directions regarding COVID-19 the Government program will be delivered in collaboration with industry advocacy and training body, the Australian Hotels Association, as the AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course
  • This specialised hygiene training course will need to be successfully completed by every staff member employed at a hospitality venue.
  • Businesses will only be able to reopen when the requirements are met.
  • Some of the key elements covered include understanding COVID-19 and venue restrictions, reporting personal health issues, maintaining personal and work environment hygiene practices, and effective cleaning and sanitising practices.

Further details available at HERE 

Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA) Update

Rottnest Island Closure Directions changes

AS part of the WA Government response and restriction enforced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on 1 May, the WA Government announced that recreational fishers with crayfish pots set in waters off Rottnest Island would be allowed restricted access to Rottnest Island waters. This has only been lifted to allow those to collect their equipment under supervision from Island rangers.

Boarding School Directions changes

On 1 May, the WA Government announced it would reopen residential boarding facilities across the states, with students returning from 5 May in public school residential boarding facilities. This will be managed on a facility by facility approach to ensure hygiene requirements are met.
Group Sporting Directions update
On 5 May, it was announced that Elite Athletes, as part of the Western Australian Institute of Sport, will be able to resume training as part of a staged return, with Stage 1 covering selected athletes across a range of competition selection trials for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games

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This information serves as a general guide and does not constitute legal advice. It is based on our research and experience at the time of publication. Please consult our knowledgeable Legal Team for any specific inquiries or advice relevant to your circumstances, as the content may not have been updated subsequently.